March 23, 2015

Thank You for Seven Great Years, Barb Amsden!

After seven years, our valued colleague, Barbara Amsden, will be leaving the IIAC on April 1st.

Barb Amsden

Barb was one of the IIAC’s original staff members, joining the association when it launched. Since then, she has worked on a dizzying array of projects including capital market improvements, red tape reduction, the awarding of Diamond Jubilee medals, taxes, and, of course, most recently spearheading cross-industry efforts to implement CRM1 and CRM2.

Here is part of an email sent to Barb’s colleagues by Ian Russell, IIAC President and CEO: “We will all miss Barb’s energy, wit, intelligence and happy smile. She may be leaving the IIAC, but we should all keep in mind that we will hear and see a lot of Barb in another incarnation. She has too much dedication to the public interest, too much ambition, and so much knowledge and energy, to spend time in a hammock.”

Barb offers her heartfelt thanks to all those she’s had the pleasure of working with in the following message:

I want to sincerely thank the many dedicated industry volunteers and colleagues with whom I’ve worked over the years. Each of you has demonstrated – beyond the keen sense of humour and abundant patience it takes to work with me – high standards of personal integrity, while providing the insights and support we IIAC-ers need to do our jobs well.

I also have considerable respect for the many people, outside our member firms, who I have come to know. The success of our efforts depends on our ability to build bridges and collaborate with regulators, tax authorities, people in other industry associations and, more recently, investor advocates.

The spotlight genuinely belongs on you who contribute tirelessly to improving securities and tax rules and practice in Canada … and on the thousands of people working in IIROC dealers who regularly deliver good value to Canadians. You make Canada’s securities marketplace one of the best in the world.

You will be missed, Barb!

You can send Barb your well wishes at publicaffairs_affairespubliques@iiac.ca

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