March 4, 2015

Ian Russell at PDAC: The Investment Industry’s Role in Raising Capital for the Mining Industry

IIAC: What government and regulators need to do to get the mining industry back on track

Ian Russell speakingCanada’s investment industry is prepared to invest the time, energy and resources to improve capital raising for the mining industry, but it can’t do it alone: There are steps government and regulators can take to ensure the country’s natural resource companies remain dynamic leaders on the world stage.

This was the message in a speech delivered by Ian Russell, President and CEO of the Investment Industry Association of Canada (IIAC), as part of the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC)’s 2015 Convention.  In the Return of the State:  The Role of Government in Financing Mineral Exploration  session, Russell also provides a series of regulatory and policy fixes which, if adopted, will get the Canadian mining industry back on track.

“The contribution of the mining industry to the Canadian economy is well-known. The industry is involved in exploration, operations, R&D, social responsibility and acquisitions,” Russell says. “Less well known is the importance to the Canadian mining industry of the deep and sophisticated financial infrastructure at its core.

“This infrastructure pushes financial resources to where they are needed and where they will make a positive difference. As long as that financial heart is beating strongly and consistently, the industry will have the capital it needs to successfully explore, develop and exploit the natural resources that have made mining so successful and crucial to the Canadian economy.”

The rest of the news release is available here and Ian Russell’s speech can be accessed here.